Kia Ora and Namaste!

Soul Gate specialises in hand-crafted yoga journeys and wellness travel in & around beautiful New Zealand, linking meditation, yoga and wellness with country’s unique people, places & experiences.

The Founder – Zuzana Vanik – a Professional Yoga Instructor, Third Degree Reiki Practitioner and a ProGuide Member of NZ is passionate about teaching yoga and showcasing the exquisite panorama of New Zealand. 

Her focus is on encouraging people to “centre” and to be in the “present moment”, through regular practice of yoga & meditation throughout a trip. Allowing each person to put themselves first and pursue a vacation that promotes health and wellbeing, that leaves everyone refreshed and rejuvenated at its end.

Zuzana believes that this kind of tailored travel really helps to maximise clients’ experience.

RYT Yoga Alliance

Sattva Yoga Academy