Zuzana is qualified experienced Reiki practitioner Reiki is Japanese for Universal Life Force. It is the power of all life, the energy that makes people, plants and animals grow. By connecting to Reiki it will reinforce the self healing powers of your body.

A Reiki treatment will relax you, improve vitality and speeds up healing processes. When you are ill or are simply not comfortable within yourself, your Universal Life Force is likely to be out of balance. By laying hands on, the treatment giver sends energy to the treatment receiver. The treatment giver functions as a service-hatch. Reiki balances the energy, through which your body is able to heal itself on a physical and mental level.

Everyone is capable of sending Universal Life Force as we were born with a natural connection. Due to different reasons we might loose this connection or we might not even aware we have a connection with the Universal Life Force!

Reiki can be of great support for:

  • Stress

  • Burn Out

  • After an operation

  • Physical and mental symptoms

  • Personal growth and spiritual development

Receiving Reiki is a wonderfully passive experience. Don’t try to relax, just let the Reiki relax you.
Your state will shift quite naturally as the session proceeds. Meanwhile feel free to daydream, enjoy the music,
or simply observe your breath or the sensations of the therapy