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Private Yoga

Traditionally, yoga was taught was one-to-one, teacher and student. This was a powerful way to learn yoga whereby the student is empowered with practices that address their personal needs and help them to achieve their practice goals, whatever they may be.
Private yoga lessons are also very useful for beginners who may feel a bit overwhelmed attending a regular class. They are also beneficial where a group class may not be appropriate, for example, where there is injury or illness.

Benefits of private yoga include:

  • Being actively involved in your own well-being

  • Be guided and supported by a practice that supports the needs of your body and mind.

  • Practice at your own pace and come to appreciate your own body and breath.

  • Address specific health issues or injuries.

  • Learn in a setting where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

  • Explore the deeper aspects of yoga – pranayama, mudras & bandhas, mindfulness, meditation & more

  • Great for beginners to go over specific poses and proper alignment.

  • Work with injuries by modifying specific poses to help speed progress in the healing process,
    (i.e shoulder, wrists, back and knees).

  • Safely learn more advanced poses like arm balances, headstands, handstand.

  • Privacy and comfort of your own home. Private Sessions can be designed for any level.

Contact me to discuss your current fitness and health, any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries and your expectations.

We will work together on a program that works in your time to progress through your yoga practice.

If you have space for a mat each in your home, then organize a time and share the yoga journey together.