Yoga Travel

Yoga travel is not just about meditation and yoga. With our partners, we create custom built itineraries around New Zealand, carefully designed to recharge the body and nourish the mind, combining the perfect balance of awe-inspiring places, rejuvenating activities and healthy food experiences.

I invite you to visit New Zealand and with me (your very own yoga instructor and a guide/ driver), travel and with all the senses experience what this stunning and diverse country has to offer. Together, we practice yoga & meditation in the most stunning locations, whether it be a top of the mountain, a beautiful sunset beach or a native bush humming with bird song… connecting our souls to Mother Nature at the deepest level.

In my previous lifetime, before becoming full time yogi, I have been designing travel itineraries and providing concierge services for one of the most renowned Luxury Travel companies in New Zealand, during which time I acquired a network of contacts and access to some amazing people, activities and unique corners of the country.

I will personally organise and hand-select your itinerary, based on your wishes, interests, hobbies and personal preferences.

Tours are open to couples, families or small groups and can accommodate group sizes anywhere from 2-10 people.

Let it be a soul trip of a lifetime! Come not only to see New Zealand but to feel it!


For more information and quotations, please contact me.